Planning Board

Mission Statement

To exercise all powers and duties of a Planning Board as per M.G.L. Ch 41 S 81A and 81B.  To administer the Subdivision Rules and Regulations as promulgated by the Board.  To exercise the additional "Planning Board Responsibilities" as outlined:

  1. Hold Public Hearings and issue Scenic Road Permits.
  2. Hold Public Hearings and issue Special Permits for Common (Shared) Driveways.
  3. Approves Street Names as part of the subdivision approval process.
  4. Administers the process of acceptance of completed subdivision roads by Town Meeting.
  5. Offers assistance to the Building Inspector and the Board of Appeals as requested/needed.
  6. Fields questions from developers, banks, realtors, appraisers, etc.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Betty Kazan Administrative Assistant 978 422 8111 ext. 2320

Board Members

Name Title
John J. Santoro Chairman (2022)
Michael E. Pineo Vice Chairman (2019)
David Shapiro Clerk (2021)
Russell R. Philpot ANR Primary Agent (2020)
Craig Miller Member (2023)