Planning Board

Mission Statement

The Planning Board reviews applications for approvals under the Protective Bylaws and the Subdivision Regulations. This includes Site Plan Review and/or Special Permits, Subdivision Approvals, and endorsement of ANR Plans (plans depicting new lot lines on existing streets). The Planning Board is also responsible for long-range land use planning for the Town of Sterling, including the creation of the Sterling Master Plan.

Planning Board members and staff are committed to serving the needs of the public and to treat everyone fairly and with courtesy and respect.

To accommodate those who cannot visit during regular office hours, most Planning Board information is available by phone, mail, or email.

NOTE:  Please submit paperwork for ANRs, Chapter 61 releases and general business 7 days in advance of meeting.  Please submit paperwork for Site Plans, Subdivisions and Special Permits no less than 5 (five) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

Board Members

Name Title
John J. Santoro (2022)
Kirsten Newman Clerk (2023)
Carl Corrinne Chair (2025)
Patty Page Vice Chairman (2024)
Valmore Pruneau (2026)