Town Clerk


One of the oldest government positions in England, the Town Clerk is gateway to the Town and a resource of information.  We are the keeper of the records, documenting the history of Sterling. This office is in possession of records and letters from the early 1700's. All permanent records are currently stored in the Town's vault.  These records include birth, marriage and death records, Town Reports, Selectmen's minutes, Street Lists, census, business certificates, dog licenses, fuel tank licenses and a myriad of legal documents and maps.

The Town Clerk is mandated by the Secretary of State, Attorney General's Office and the Department of Revenue (DLS Division) to maintain compliance of approximately 376 Massachusetts General Laws.  

All local and state elections are governed by State and Federal statutes.  It is the Town Clerk's responsibility to offer every voter the right to exercise their right to vote, accessibility to the polling place and privacy.  The Help America Vote Act of 2002 offered changes for the voting rights of military serving overseas.  They can now obtain a ballot by email.  We are making progress.

At Town Meeting, the Town Clerk establishes the platform for tracking voter attendance, recording the minutes, and certifies all votes. Occasionally local by-laws are amended or added at Town Meeting.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Barbara J. Bartlett Town Clerk, Notary Public 978 422 8111 ext 2308
Kathleen K. Farrell Assistant Town Clerk 978 422 8111 ext 2307