Treasurer / Collector

NOTICE:  The Fiscal Year 2018 Real Estate and Personal Property tax rate is $17.54 per thousand dollars of valuation.  Fiscal Year 2019 Tax rate will be set by the end of the calendar year 2018 and will be used to figure out your 3rd & 4th Quarter Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills.

Mailings:The 2nd Quarter Real Estate Tax Bills were mailed and are due NOVEMBER 1, 2018.  All Real Estate bills were mailed to the property owner as of January 1, 2018.  If you are a new owner and have not received your tax bill, please call the office to request a copy of the bill or come in to see us to pick one up. If you have an escrow account with your mortgage company, please contact them to find out if you need to send them your bill. 


The Treasurer/Collector's Office collects all taxes, fees, and incoming funds from town departments.  The office is responsible for the custody and investment of town funds, administration of town debt, and disbursement of all payments for the town.  The office is also responsible for payroll and benefits administration, and tax title management.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Victoria Smith Treasurer / Collector 978 422 8111 x 2312
Theresa Murray Assistant Collector 978 422 8111 x 2310
Elizabeth Clemence Assistant Treasurer 978-422-8111 x.2311