Assessors' Office

Tax Rate
Fiscal Year 2020: $16.81

per thousand dollars of valuation


Office hours are Monday to Thursday 7:30AM – 5:00PM & Friday 7:30AM - 11:30AM.

The office may be contacted via telephone at 978-422-8111 ext. 2313 and email

Property Inspections

The Board of Assessor's are in the process of conducting inspections. The inspectors will be wearing ID badges and checking in with the Sterling Police Department prior to start of inspections. These inspections will take place during weekday hours.


The Office of the Assessors is required by Massachusetts’s law to list and value all real and personal property as of January 1.  All assessed values in Massachusetts are based on “full and fair cash value”.  The Assessors are responsible for meeting the certification requirement of the Department of Revenue.  To meet these requirements, the Assessors are obligated to revalue all properties yearly, and once every three years undergo a state recertification audit.  

The Office of the Assessors also administers the following programs:
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Abatement
  • Personal Property Form of List
  • Senior Real Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Veteran Real Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Blind Real Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Chapter Land
  • 3ABC Exemptions
  • Tax Deferrals
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatements
  • Property/parcel information
  • Public Access Room
  • Abutters List
  • Name/Address Changes
  • Registry of Deed Information
  • Property Map Data Updates

The Board of Assessors is an elected board made up of three members.  One member is elected each year for a three-year term.

Email the Assessors' Office.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Manzello Regional Assessor 978.422.8111 ext. 2313
Debbie Dreyer Assistant to the Assessor 978.422.8111 ext. 2313