Dog Licensing


        Dog Licenses on sale from              January 3 - April 18

Deadline: 5pm Tuesday, April 18th       (due to Patriot's Day)
Please call with questions: 978 422 8111 ext. 2307

By State law all dogs must be licensed annually once the dog reaches 6 months old.  The licensing period is from January through April 15th.

Note:  State law requires a rabies vaccination certificate on file for every dog.

In order to license your dog(s), we will need:

1. A valid rabies certificate
2. The dog license application (yellow form)
3. The appropriate fee (see the table below)
4. A certificate of spaying/neutering

There are 3 types of dog licenses available: an individual dog license, a companion pet license and a kennel license.  Please note that Kennel Licenses have additional requirements.  Please read the Kennel License Application carefully.

Please send the application form, rabies certificate and licensing fee payable to Town of Sterling. If you would like us to mail the tag back to you, an additional $2 postage is required for the padded envelope and postage.

As a reminder, all dogs must be registered by April 15th, according to the Sterling Animal Control bylaw. Dogs registered after that date will be assessed a late fee of $25 to each owner for each dog in addition to the licensing fee.  Failure to license your dog will result in a criminal complaint being issued, along with the additional fines.

Fees (see list of exemptions below)

Spayed or Neutered Dog$8.00
Companion Pets$6.00

License Fee Exemptions

This exemption applies to the license fee only; all other fees, e.g. a late fee, will apply.

You will not have to pay a license fee for your dog if:

  • The owner is aged 70 or older.
  • The dog is specially trained to lead or serve a blind person, so certified by the MA Commission for the Blind and is actually in service of a blind person.
  • The dog is professionally trained in the hearing dog business to serve a deaf person, so certified by the MA Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and is actually in service of a deaf person.