Trash & Recycling

Department of Public Works



Sterling Recycles!

The Town of Sterling provides curbside trash pickup and curbside recycling for all households with Municipal Trash Collection through our contractor Casella. We service approximately 2700 households each week.  Recycling reduces the amount of trash that must be brought to transfer stations and landfills and directly lowers the cost to the town.  We encourage you to participate in curbside recycling and visit the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recyling Center in West Boylston.

Please put out all trash and recyclables out to the street between 6AM and 7AM on the day of your collection.  If your scheduled pick-up day falls on any of the following holidays; New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day the collection MAY take place on the next day.  Please reference the calendar which is printed on the Trash and Recycling Information flyer that is mailed to each residence for the holiday schedule collection.  If the collection is cancelled due to a snowstorm, your pick-up MAY take place on the next day.  Please reference the town's website - main page or call the DPW office 978-422-6767 for snowstorm delay or cancellation of curbside pick up.

Snow cancellations will be announced on local radio stations WSRS-96.1 FM and WTAG-580 AM  or call 1-888-532-2735 for updated snow delay information.

If your trash is not picked up on your scheduled day please call 1-888-532-2735.

Curbside Trash

All rubbish must be placed in plastic bags and tied shut. (You can place your bags in containers to protect it from animals, but no loose trash will be collected.)  Normally, we will collect up to three thirty-gallon bags (or equivalent volume) per household.  Bags must weigh no more than 30 pounds.  Trash should be placed no more than 5 feet from the curb by 7AM on your collection day.

Note: The bag limit will be waived for two weeks after major holidays (July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Memorial Day.)  Call the DPW Office before your scheduled pickup to arrange for additional bags on other occasions.

The following items are banned from disposal at solid waste disposal facilities in Massachusetts and should not be place in your rubbish:  wood, metal, asphalt, brick & concrete, cardboard & recyclable paper, #1, #2 & #3 plastic, metal or glass food containers, leaves & yard waste, major appliances, tires, lead acid batteries, TVs and computer monitors.  If any of these items are found in your trash, it may not be picked up.

Note: We can not accept large household items such as mattresses, tables, rugs, chairs, tables, etc. at curbside pickup.  Please visit the Wachusett Watershed Regional Recycling Center.

Curbside Recycling

We recycle paper products and glass and containers on alternate weeks on your regular collection day.  Newspapers, corrugated cardboard, etc. will be collected on one week and glass bottles and containers (comingle collection) the next.  Please separate your recycling into bins and place the bins out with your trash.  Our Recycling Calendar lists which items are collected each week.

Week A: Comingle Collection

Metal food or beverage cans, food or beverage glass jars & bottles, plastic bottles & containers that are marked #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7.  Please make sure all containers are emptied and rinsed.  Do not recycle lids.

Week B: Paper Collection

Clean cardboard (no dirty pizza boxes), newspaper, catalogs, phone books, magazines, junk mail, computer paper, office paper, paper bags and chipboard (cereal or cracker boxes.)  Cardboard must be cut if larger than 24" x 24"; remove staples and tape.  You may wish to bundle your cardboard into 12" thick bundles with string or masking tape.

Recycling Bins

Curbside recycling bins are available for $7 each at the DPW Office at 171 Worcester Road.  They can be used for curbside recycling of either your paper products or the commingled items.

You can use other containers for your recycling.  We have some stickers available for free that can be placed on other containers to identify it to the recycling truck driver.