BEACH HOURS, Resident Beach Sticker and Guest Pass 2021 Information

BEACH Officially CLOSED for the 2021 season

The Town beach has officially closed for the 2021 season, as of August 16th. There will be no lifeguard on duty for the remainder of the summer. Those who wish to continue to use the Town Beach, do so at their own risk. Please be cautious. Never swim alone. Keep a VERY close eye on children at ALL TIMES and get OUT OF the water at the first sign of a storm.

Resident Passes for Parking at Sholan Park

The Town of Sterling requires Resident Stickers on automobiles for parking at our Town Beach.  This sticker is free to town residents.

  • Resident stickers will be issued at the Town Beach by the parking attendant on duty, during the official season. 
  • Town Beach hours are typically Monday through Sunday, 12:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. or dusk.  The Town Beach will close on days of inclement weather.
  • The Town Beach tradionally operates mid-June through mid-August.  If you wish to obtain a resident sticker after the beach closes for the season, please contact the Recreation Office at 978 422 8111 extension 2323.
  • To obtain a sticker, residents must present their current, valid motor vehicle registration to the attendant on duty.  Stickers cannot be issued if the registration is not current or valid.
  • Each resident sticker must be adhered to the vehicle for which it was issued.  Stickers cannot be passed among household vehicles.

Renter's Pass

Individuals renting in Town are eligible for a pass to use at the Town Beach.  This is a paper pass which you must display in your window.

  • Renters can obtain their passes from the Recreation Office at 1 Park St. only.  Renter's passes cannot be issued at the Town Beach. 
  • Contact us at the office to schedule a time to get your renter's pass. 
  • Please bring a copy of your current valid vehicle registration, renting address and a copy of a recent utility bill.

Guest Passes

Residents may request a parking pass for guests.  These passes are free, but you must obtain them ahead of time at the office.  

  • Requests for these passes must be made at least 24 hours in advance Monday through Friday and 48 hours in advance for weekends.  NOTE: the office closes Friday at 12:00 P.M.
  • Passes are issued for a specific day or duration. Max duration is 1 week.
  • Guest passes cannot be issued on weekends.
  • Guest passes cannot be issued at the Town Beach.
  • Make your request for a guest pass by completing this ONLINE FORM, in the office, or over the phone. 
  • Residents must provide the following information for each guest that will be parking:
    • Resident's name, address, registration number and permit number (number on blue resident sticker)
    • Guest's registration number, name and address.
  • Residents must sign guest passes for them to be valid.
  • Residents assume liability for their guests' behavior.  Residents will be contacted if a registered guest causes a disturbance or destruction of property.

Non-Resident Parking Passes


A limited number of non-resident parking passes for access to the Town Beach will be sold each year, This pass, which allows parking at the Town Beach for the entire season, is available at the Recreation Department. You must display this pass on your vehicle dashboard and the pass is only valid for the vehicle for which it was issued. 

2021 Information:

  • 10 non-refundable passes will be sold for the 2021 season (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022)
  • Passes are $400.00 each, as set by the Board of Selectmen

Purchasers Must Provide:

  • Name, Mailing Address, Telephone Number
  • Valid vehicle registration. This pass is NON-TRANSFERABLE and can only be used for the vehicle provide.
  • Valid trailer registration, if intent is to park a trailer
  • Boat registration #, manufacturer, model, length, engine type of boat if intent is to put boat in lake
  • Payment in the form of cash or check (checks made out to Town of Sterling)* FOR 2021,

2021 Process:

  1. Passes will go on sale Thursday April 1, 2021 at STERLINGREC.COM at 8:00am
  2. You must create an account with We recommend doing this prior to the sale.
  3. You will find the page for the passes under “Programs” -- it is called Non-Resident Passes 2020
  4. Non-Resident Pass will appear on the left under “Register” On May 4th it will say “Add to Cart”
  5. Your cart will be at top right. Choose to check out.
  6. Complete the form which will ask for: Name, full address, telephone, vehicle reg # and vehicle state;
    • Boat reg #, state, trailer reg #, state, boat manufacture, model, length and engine type (if applicable)
  7. Complete payment with credit card
    • *In order for a pass purchase to be complete, the office MUST receive payment. If you chose to pay by check (cash is not accepted during COVID-19) your pass request will not be processed until payment has been received. If all 10 passes are sold by the time we receive your payment, your request will not be fulfilled.
  8. Official passes will be generated in the office and mailed to purchasers upon completion of registration.