Historical Town Records

These files were created during a preservation project that protected our old historical town records.  Please note that the name of each document reflects the name of the actual book whose contents were scanned.  It is not unusual for a document with one date to show up in the book indicating a different time span.

In addition, these files are scanned images only.  This created very large, unsearchable files.  Each document can take over 30 minutes to download.

The original books, now protected, are available for your viewing in the Town Clerk's office.  In addition, copies of these files will also be made available for viewing in Town Hall where the download process will not be necessary.

Historical Records (very large files - may open slowly)
Sterling, MA Town Records Vol 1 1794-1817
Sterling, MA Town Records Vol 2 1817-1837
Sterling, MA Town Records Vol 4 1850-1867
Sterling, MA Town Records Vol 5 1867-1894