Council On Aging

The Senior Center operates 2 vans.  These vans are handicapped accessible for anyone in a wheelchair.  We have one van available five days per week, the other is available for morning appointments only.  

We transport from Worcester to Fitchburg and all points in between.  At this time, we are prioritizing van rides for essential needs such as medical appointments, pharmacy pickups and grocery shopping.  However, call us for non essential needs as well and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

There is a charge of $1.00 for any trip within Sterling's town limits (regardless of the amount of stops) to be paid to the driver at the time of the trip.  It will be $2.00 for any trip outside of Sterling (regardless of the amount of stops) to be paid to the driver at the time of the trip.  If you need a companion with you for safety reasons, there is no charge for the companion.  There is no charge to come to the Senior Center. We will never deny a ride due to inability to pay.  

To schedule a trip on our van, please call the Senior Center at 978-422-3032 between 8 am and 11 am Mon - Fri and ask for the dispatcher, Pam Dell.  With only 2 vans, we suggest that you book your appointment early, as the van may already be in use.  This gives you time to reschedule or make other arrangements. 

Van Staff: 
Pam Dell, Dispatcher and Driver
Kevin Lowe, Driver
Rob Protano, Driver
Rob Seidel, Driver
Diane Sousa, Driver