Town Beach FAQs

How can I get a sticker or pass to park at the beach?

Resident stickers can be obtained from the attendant at the Town Beach when it is open.  You will need to present your current, valid vehicle registration.  The sticker must be affixed to the inside window of your vehicle; they are non-transferable.  Guest passes can also be requested by a resident but they must be applied for at the office in advance.  All stickers/passes are free to town residents. Please see our Beach Sticker and Guest Pass page for more details. You can review the town beach by laws here.

When is the beach open to the public?

The beach season is posted at Sholan Park, usually late June through late August, from 12:00pm-dusk. The parking area is for residents only with a town sticker affixed to vehicle or their guests that have obtained a guest pass.

Who can use the boat ramp?  

The boat ramp is open for residents and non-residents, but only those with stickers or passes can park in the parking lot.  Non-residents without a pass cannot leave their car in the parking lot or it will be ticketed.

Is there a non-resident parking pass?

 A limited number of non-resident parking passes for access to the Town Beach is available each year, beginning on April 1st. This pass, which allows parking at the Town Beach for the entire season, is available at the Recreation Office. Non-resident parking passes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must display this pass on your vehicle dashboard and the pass is only valid for the vehicle for which is was issued. The fee for this pass is set by the Board of Selectmen.