Open Space & Recreation Plan - 2010 Update

The Sterling Open Space Implementation Committee has completed the 2010 Update to the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

The document is large and has been broken into sections for easier download. Please note that some of the files may take several minutes to download.

Description (PDF size)
Plan Summary and Introduction (146KB)
Community Setting (1MB)
Environmental Inventory & Analysis (1.4 MB)
Inventory of Lands of Conservation and Recreation Interest (442 KB)
Community Vision (185 KB)
Analysis of Needs (228 KB)
Goals & Objectives (146 KB)
7-Year Action Strategy (320 KB)
Comments and Letters (2.2 MB)
Planning Board Endorsement (173 KB)
References (151 KB)


Description (PDF size)
Zoning & Zoning Overlay Districts (1.6 MB)
Geologic Features Map (1.7 MB)
Unique Features Map (3 MB)
Regional Context Map (2.5 MB)
Water Resources Map (2.3 MB)
Environmental Justice Map (625 KB)
Open Space Map (1.7 MB)
Action Plan Map (1.7 MB)
Public Participation (1.2 MB)
Survey Findings (470 KB)
Section 504 Self-evaluation from 2002 OSRP Update (266 KB)
Facility Inventory (1.1 MB)
Annual Report to the Department of Public Health Beach Sampling Data (70 KB)
DEP Listing of Reported Releases (129 KB)
DEP Listing of Underground Storage Tanks (40 KB)
Articles (324 KB)
Properties of Conservation Interest (66 KB)