Finance Committee


The town of Sterling has the financial resources to achieve its stated goals while minimizing taxes and fees on its residents and businesses.


Provide financial leadership and guidance to the town organizations and general public.  Ensure Town organizations deliver services while optimizing financial resources.

Guiding Principles

  1. Stabilize the tax rate. Minimize year to year tax rate changes. Avoid large tax rate swings.
  2. Treat all departments, committees and individuals consistently and respectfully.
  3. Maintain the Capital Fund at 25% of the annual town budget.
  4. As a guideline, items considered for the Capital Fund should have a useful life of greater than 5 years and a cost of $25K or more.
  5. As a guideline, items considered for bonding should have a useful life greater than 10 years and a cost of $100K or more.
  6. Maintain a 3 year planning horizon.
  7. Focus on the fiscal aspects of all Town issues and remain neutral to the "politics" of issues.
  8. Maintain a strong fiscal discipline and continue to emphasize the importance of healthy reserves.
  9. Make decisions that will serve to maintain and increase the voters' trust and respect, paving the way for voter support of future decisions.

Vision and Mission Statement Adopted October 8, 2008

Board Members

Name Title
Christopher Paquette Chair
Joseph King Vice Chair
Lynne Sheppard Member
Christina Lashua Member
Elizabeth Soutter Member