1835 Town Hall Study

In 2005, an assessment of the 1835 Sterling Town Hall was conducted by Reinhardt Associates for the Town of Sterling.  The report produced as a result of the study is broken into 4 phases:

PHASE I: Architectural Conservation Assessment
PHASE II: Cyclical Maintenance Plan
PHASE III: Feasibility Study for Universal Access
PHASE IV: Outline Plans and Specifications

The report is available here, broken into sections for easier downloading.  Please be aware that some of the larger files will take some time to download.  All documents are in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format.

Sterling 1835 Town Hall Study

Description (file size)
Architectural & Structural Analysis (1.8 MB file)
Code Analysis (222 KB file)
Existing Conditions - Architectural (292 KB file)
Existing Conditions - Architectural Photos (661 KB file)
Existing Conditions - Mechanical & Electrical (140 KB file)
Existing Conditions - Architectural Drawings (292 KB file)
Conditions Survey - Photographs (3.4 MB file)
Treatment Recommendations (255 KB file)
Exterior Repair/Restoration Estimate (80 KB file)
Cyclical Maintenance Plan (64 KB file)
Feasibility Study for Universal Accessibility and Reuse (93 KB file)
Outline Plans and Specifications (200 KB file)