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Important Safety Tips
Department of Public Works
Important Safety Tips

While it is snowing, PLEASE KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE ROAD! It is very dangerous for children to be playing anywhere near the road edge or snow banks when trucks are plowing. Some plow trucks weigh more than 20 tons, visibility is limited and road conditions are dangerous. When following a snow plow, DRIVERS SHOULD STAY BACK AT LEAST 100 FEET. Plows frequently have to back up in the middle of the road or across intersections. Following too close, limits the plow's ability to operate safely and effectively.

Contrary to some people's belief we do not try to hit mailboxes when we plow. We do, however, try to plow as close to the edge of the paved road surface as possible. In order to do that, we sometimes have to come very close to mailboxes that have been placed too close to the road's edge. When putting up mailboxes, light poles, stone walls, hedges, etc. try to make sure they are at least two to three feet from the edge of the paved surface. If they are within three feet of the paved surface of the road and are accidentally hit by the plow or knocked over by snow thrown up by the plow, we will not replace them

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